Is PPP Govt planning to dismiss Kayani and Pasha?

Speculation abound as to who’s going to make the initial step – the PPP civilian govt, or the army establishment? In the possible situation that the govt sacks Army Chief Parvez Kayani or DG ISI Shuja Pasha over Memogate, the military may approach the Supreme Court.

In present days, General Kayani has had a series of discussions with his top rated commanders to talk about the present concerns with the govt, and possible choices to handle the scenario if things go from horrible to more serious, a source in the army told. A popular opinion has been reached that no direct input will take place as it had in October 1999 if the govt decides to send the military and intelligence chiefs packing, the source says.  Instead, they’ve made a decision to challenge this kind of step before the Supreme Court, the source revealed.

Kayani and Pasha are both doing the job under extensions to their period, but under the constitution the PM does have the authority to remove them anytime. The ISI chief’s extension ends in March the coming year while Kayani stays at the helm till November 2013.

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