Iran offers Pakistan for exporting 3000MW electricity

Pakistan is to import 1000MW from Iran to meet its urgent national requirements, whereas Tehran has offered 3000MW. Well-informed sources happy with the progress told that federal govt has made a decision to import electricity from Iran to overcome incessant power crisis in the country and work with binging imported electricity has also been quick to meet the increasing demand and supply gap.


They also told that water & power ministry has sent a summary to the federal cabinet and wanted authorization for the import of 1000MW of electricity from Iran. A senior official said that the ministry, after receiving the required authorization from the federal cabinet, would be able to start talking, sign memorandum of understanding, set conditions, fix power cost etc with Iran to meet the burgeoning power requirements of the country.

As per that proposed assignment, Iran would make a power station in its southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan close to the border along with Pakistan to produce electricity for export. Also, a 500-kilovolt-power transmission line, stretching for 700 kms (about 435 mls), would be also set up from the Iran-Pakistan border to the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta.

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