Interior Minister to file law suit against CM Punjab

Interior Minister Abdul Rehman Malik on today made a decision to file a law suit against PML-N leader and Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif and Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan. Interior Minister will sue Shahbaz Sharif and Mushahid Ullah for Rs.10 billion and rupees 2 billion respectively.

“ISI and IB neither comes under the authority of Interior ministry nor their management, financial and operational working is managed by it,” Interior Minister claimed. Earlier, on March 14, Shahbaz Sharif said his family had made a decision to take Younus Habib to court for claims leveled by him in the Mehran Bank scandal.

Addressing a media conference at his home, he said Younus Habib’s claims of having given Rs2.5 million to him and Rs3.5 million to Nawaz Sharif in the early 1990s were a pack of lies. He says a defamation case would be submitted and a panel of legal representatives had been formed to prepare the case.

Shahbaz charged a few elements of using Habib to hide their personal corruption and bluntly added that the ‘malicious’.

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