Imran Khan woos back disgruntled KPK MPAs

Chairman PTI, Imran Khan has categorically clears on yesterday that PTI’s government in KPIK  will prefer dissolving the provincial assembly instead of being blackmailed by the hands of its dissident MPAs. He said, “We will conduct a re-election in Khyber Pakhutunkhwa but will not bow to forward block’s blackmailing”

Imran Khan
Talking with press, he said that it was right of the forward block to show their concerns and the party would try to tackle their issues but no one could blackmail him to get ministries. In a statement he said that inquiry would be conducted over the purpose behind creation of forward block in KPK and the decision would be taken after hearing their issues. Imran Khan also made it clear that after every 3 months the ministers’ performances would be examined. Anybody, who failed to deliver, would be removed.

Imran Khan told the MPAs that the entire country as well as the worldwide community had focused on how PTI delivered in KP. The chairman also stressed that the Party wouldn’t be blackmailed into giving up on its principles, adding that the meeting concluded with the MPs again emphasizing their trust in the Chairman and their dedication to the PTI ideology.

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