Imran Khan vows ‘tsunami power’ on May 11

Developing force ahead of his party’s anti-rigging rally on May 11, PTI chief, Imran Khan repeated that last year’s general elections were widely rigged in Punjab, a stronghold of PML-N politics.

Imran Khan

“A charter of demand will be presented on May 11 with a timeframe to meet our demands… It will be our tsunami power at Islamabad D.Chowk,” said Imran Khan at a media conference. He warned that PML-N govt may crumble if it tried to stop or ruin May 11 rally, adding the govt will have to face outcomes if our workers were barred from taking part in the rally.

“There is no use of taking part in such elections when polls are always rigged. People of Pakistan seek the justice,” said Imran Khan whose PTI rules Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with alliance partner, Jamaat-e-Islami.

The PTI leader, however, refrained this time from blaming the judiciary of involvement in election problems, saying that “our party respects judiciary.”

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