Imran Khan urges Zardari to take action against Sharif Brothers

PTI chairman Imran Khan has said that after the judgment of the Supreme Court about Asghar khan case, President Zardari has a chance to take tight action against Sharif Brothers who had taken money to establish IJI and show it that there’s no collation of PML-N and PPP.

Imran Khan in a statement on Sunday mentioned that Asif Zardari should take serious action against Sharif Brothers and he should end the impact of the agreement between PPP and PML-N. The case of Asghar Khan, in the light of Supreme Court order there should be an unbiased investigation against those who had taken funds from secret agencies so that malign corrupted elements should be eventually removed.

Imran Khan said that it’s established that money had given to establish IJI, and it’s also clear that who so called political figures had received the money. He said that the govt should implement the judgment of the Supreme Court at once and govt should disqualify those who received the money.

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