Imran Khan says he will contest polls against Nawaz Sharif

PTI chief Imran Khan on Sunday says that he’d contest election in next elections against the President, PML-N, Nawaz Sharif. Speaking with a private TV channel, he explained that both the PML-N and the ruling party PPP have ruined the country’s institutions.

The corrupt leaders of both sides PPP and PML-N looted the public money and moved it to the overseas banks, adding they don’t want to have their responsibilities. Both the corrupt groups have dissatisfied the country and they’re looking for a change. Criticizing the PML-N, he said it’s not a trusted party as Nawaz Sharif misled the country 3 times in the past. Those who mentioned Zardari as a corrupt man, remained in coalition with him for 3 yrs.

Speaking about the forthcoming elections, he maintained that he wouldn’t form coalition with any party which has representation in the current parliament. However, he said if PTI couldn’t receive a simple majority in the elections, it’d sit on opposition seats.



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