Imran Khan rules out alliance with parties in parliament in next polls

Repeating his stance for a solo flight, Imran Khan on Tuesday ruled out partnership with any of the groups sitting in parliament. Talking to journalists, he explained PTI might negotiate with the groups which aren’t seen in the present assemblies, but cleared that such an arrangement, if any, will be made at the time of elections.

After Fifteen years of struggle PTI has emerged as a party with popular support among youth. It’s holding discussions with Jamaat-e-Islami for cooperation in the forthcoming general elections, but these talks haven’t reached any conclusion so far. He said the ruling coalition and the opposition both are resisting change.

PTI chairman criticized the command of PPP and PML-N for holding behind-the-scene talks for a caretaker set-up before elections without talking to the other parties. Imran Khan says that his party was ready for polls whenever they’re announced and would field ‘clean’ people in every constituency.

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