Imran Khan responsible for bomb blasts: Ghulam Ahmad Bilour

Senior leader of the ANP Ghulam Ahmad Bilour said on yesterday that the PTI chief Imran Khan was responsible for the bomb blasts and should be questioned in this regard.


The ANP leader visited the location of bomb blast in Qissa Khawani Bazaar outside the Khan Raziq police station, and speaking with the press strongly condemned the incident. The ANP leader said all the political groups of the country gave a mandate to the Govt for a discussion with the Taliban, adding that people are dying but the Govt isn’t starting talks.

Ghulam Ahmad Bilour said he isn’t demanding the resignation of the PTI from the government but it is a fact that the Govt has failed to give security to the general public, adding that now it is hard to afford the burden of dead bodies. He said the attacks are happening every day. “We are receiving the bodies of our beloved ones. What kind of change is this,” Bilour questioned.


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