Imran Khan fears chaos if LG elections rigged

PTI Chairman, Imran Khan has said that rigging in local bodies polls would result in chaos. Imran Khan also apologized to the people of Sindh for not being able to increase his nerve-wrecking campaign in the province before May 11 general polls due to time limitations. The PTI chief said there was no dividing among Urdu and Sindhi speaking while the real division was of oppressor and oppressed.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan pledged that PTI would developed a system of justice in the society for every person. He lamented that people of the minority Hindu community were departing Pakistan due to insufficient justice. PTI leader said that the Punjab govt can’t arrange any public gathering without patwaries. He said the May 11 polls were rigged and it has been established. The PTI chief said that the historic rigging would also be verified when thumb impressions would be approved.

Imran Khan said that the PTI would show how to conduct genuine accountability in the country. He said Pakistan can’t become prosperous without stopping the so called American war on terror.


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