Imran Khan demands next elections under judiciary

The PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, on yesterday said that the next general elections should be held under the guidance of the judiciary as it was the only institution in Pakistan which enjoyed the people’s confidence.

Imran Khan asked the Election Commission of Pakistan to take some action against all the politicians who were bribed for impacting on the general elections in 1990. He said that the judiciary’s role in the upcoming elections had become vital to ward off any possibility of rigging.

Speaking with media people, the PTI chief liked the Supreme Court’s judgment on a 16-year-old case registered by ex- air marshal Asghar Khan, and asked the ECP to start action against those responsible for pocketing hard-earned taxpayers’ money. The PTI leader said those who had been charging that Imran Khan’s party was being supported by the ISI stood totally exposed today before the nation for taking bribe to rig the polls.

The PTI leader maintained that totally free, fair and transparent polls were possible only if monitored by an area, he continued, where the law and order scenario wasn’t good, the elections should be held under the control of the Military.

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