Govt and PML-N agree on same-day dissolution of assemblies

Ruling PPP and the main opposition PML-N have decided on dissolution of national and provincial assemblies on a same day on March 16. Constitutional analysts had said that elections to all the assemblies couldn’t be held on the same date if the Punjab Assembly wasn’t dissolved on March 16.

The Punjab Assembly will also be dissolved on March 16 while elections for national and provincial assembly seats will be done on a same day, source stated. The National Assembly will be finishing its constitutional period on March 16 while the Punjab Assembly will finish its phrase on April 8. Similary, Sindh Assembly is supposed to finish its period on April 4; Balochistan Assembly on April 6 and; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on March 27.

The PPP, which is in power at the centre, had asked for PML-N not to delay the dissolution of the Punjab Assembly as it would be very challenging to hold elections to the national and provincial assemblies simultaneously.

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