Gilani suggests Federal Govt adopt PPP policy against Taliban

Ex- PM Yousuf Raza Gilani has said the PML-N federal government will eventually have to adopt the PPP’s plan to deal with the Taliban. Ex- PM said that govt has wasted lot of time and the mandate given by APC was thrown in vain as well.


“The PML-N used to criticize the PPP government for its Taliban policy and now it is finding it extremely difficult to negotiate with militants. At the end of the day the government would follow the PPP’s policy to deal with the Taliban,” Gilani told journalists at the residence of ailing PPP leader Dilawar Butt where he went to find out after his health on Wednesday.

Ex- PM Gilani said, though his party wanted the Nawaz government to finish its phrase, “the PPP would only support the government if it fulfilled the promises it made to people.” He more said country was waiting fulfillment of Nazca-league claims to end load shedding in 3 months.



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