Former PML-Q MNA Marvi Memon joins PML-N

Marvi Memon, the ex- MNA of PML-Q, has declared to join PML-N today in a media conference flanked by Nawaz Sharif today. Marvi had tendered her resignation from the National Assembly and her party on the principle of not wanting to be part of corrupt and incompetent treasury seats, setting fresh standards in the current politics.

While addressing her programs she said it took me 3 years to realize that politics isn’t possible in an establishment-sponsored party.’My initial encounter with PML-N was when I saw them battling for democracy against President Musharraf. I discovered PML-N top command extremely down to earth, serious, and smart on national matters.’

‘I identified PML-N a matured political party as compared to others and gathering with Nawaz Sharif removed all concerns.’ If Chaudhry Brothers apologized to the nations we’ll induct them into PML-N, Nawaz mentioned. We’ve rendered sacrifices not those who’re raising slogans for change.

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