Federal govt will be bowled in one delivery: Imran Khan

PTI chief Imran Khan has said the current govt in Pakistan will be bowled in just one delivery. Addressing a conference at a hotel in Dubai on Friday, Imran Khan said: “Zardaris and Sharifs are hell-bent on keeping PTI out of power but this occasion it’s not going to happen.

“They are joining yet again to make a temporary setup which will suit both the sides. Right this moment, PPP is ruling at the centre and PML-N in Punjab. In the next term, the PML-N could be sitting in Islamabad and the PPP will rule in Karachi. “But they’ll not succeed in their nefarious programs and we shall stop anything like this to happen. The govt will be bowled with just one delivery.” Elections are round the corner in Pakistan and political activities are picking up back home and abroad. Corruption is dilemma in Pakistan and the country is searching for a miracle to relieve the suffering of the ordinary man.

A big number of common Pakistanis are now pinning expectations on their 1992 World Cup hero. Imran Khan intends to lift Pakistan out of the morass by providing folks with good governance. As per him, all sitting political figures are criminals and the PTI will introduce a thorough accountability system to take the capital back from looters.

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