Federal Govt responsible for violence in Karachi: PML-N Chief

PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif Thursday said that the govt and its coalition partners were answerable for worsening law and order scenario in Karachi.

Talking with media in Khanewal, the Ex- PM said that he PML-N had no armed wing. He said that extortion and no go areas in Karachi were new terms unveiled during the period of the incumbent govt.

“Supreme Court has pinpointed that all the political sides    except our party,” Nawaz said adding that “extortion and no-go areas were not known to the people before a while, this is product of present rulers who’re collecting money for their forthcoming generations”. Responding a question relating to loadshedding, he said that Punjab was worst stricken by the loadshedding.

PML-N chief said that he backed Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif stance to take to roads against the prolonged outages in Punjab that often spread over 20 hrs. He said that a CM could raise voice against the injustice of federation with his province.

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