Federal govt ready to register FIR against 21 people including PM

The Railways minister and PML-N leader Saad Rafique says that the process has started to register FIR against 21 people, including PM Nawaz Sharif and CMShahbaz Sharif over Model Town incident. This he assured while talking to media outside the Parliament House.

Saad Rafique

Saad Rafique added that the govt wouldn’t challenge Lahore High Court’s verdict for registration of FIR in the Supreme Court. He repeated that govt wouldn’t use any force against workers of PTI and PAT, and appealed command of both the protesting sides to avoid ‘rigidity’. He said govt had been in contact along with Imran Khan since Ramadan to convince him to postpone his long march, but he turned down to shun the plan and eventually entered Red Zone with his fans “but despite it we neither used force nor will do.”

Saad Rafique said PTI workers aren’t being victimized in Punjab, claiming that action was also taken against PML-N workers for their participation in violence. He also said Imran Khan is using non-parliamentary language in his demonstration, but the govt has not so far responded in the same tone.

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