Federal govt opposed to drone attacks: Rana Sanaullah

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said the PML-N govt is opposed to drone strikes irrespective of fact who’s killed in these attacks. Speaking with the media here on Saturday‚ he said the most recent drone strike happened at a time when the govt was going to start the discussion process with the Taliban.

Rana Sanaullah

Rana Sanaullah said the govt needs that the speaks with the Taliban should continue unhindered‚ as it accords top priority to building peace in the country. He said the Punjab govt has made strict safety plans on the occasion of Muharram-ul-Haram.

The law minister said that in the recent season 1019 cases of dengue fever were reported. He said that only 117 people are remaining to be discharged. The other cases have been discharged by the hospitals.

Rana Sanaullah further stated that only 6 dengue cases came to notice this season in Lahore.

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