Federal govt makes nominal slash in petrol price

The Federal govt has given approval for cutting the petroleum price slightly and increasing rates of diesel and kerosene oil notably. The Finance Ministry has ignored suggestions of the OGRA, for a cut in costs of the petrol products, and changed POL rates differently, told sources.


Price of petrol has been cut by 0.48 paisa per liter only while diesel and kerosene cost has been raised by Rs. 2.18 and 0.67 paisa per liter respectively. Rs. 2.67 per liter has been slashed in rate of Hi-Octane, added sources.

The OGRA had sent a suggestion for slash in petrol price by Rs. 2.48 per liter and increase in diesel price by 0.18 paisa but the Finance Ministry didn’t give attention to it and fixed rates otherwise, disclosed sources.

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