Ex- president Pervez Musharraf indicted in high treason case

Ex- president Pervez Musharraf has been indicted in the treason case. Musharraf is accused of treason under Article 6 for suspending, subverting and abrogating the Constitution, imposing an emergency in Pakistan in November 2007 and detaining judges of the superior courts. Pervez Musharraf has refused all the allegations levelled against him.

Pervez Musharraf

Barrister Farogh Naseem hired as the new lawyer of the former president Pervez Musharraf after a team of counsels protecting Pervez Musharraf in treason case boycotted the procedures of the special court. 3 different ways were set up by the capital police before Musharraf’s departure from AFIC. For the ex- president’s security, 3 thousand police and Rangers personnel were deployed on the ways. The police team is being led by Superintendent Police Islamabad Mustansar Feroz and tighter safety measures were also in place outside AFIC

On Sunday, Pervez Musharraf was moved to ICU after his blood pressure shot up, a day before he was likely to appear before the Special Court in the high treason case.

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