Electricity subsidy being increased in Ramazan

The federal government is expected to increase by 60 % the subsidy offered to the energy sector in July to make sure the minimum load shedding during Sehr, Iftar and Taraweeh times. The Ministry of Water and Power said on yesterday the govt would give an additional Rs14 billion to power corporations during Ramazan to reduce the issues faced by the people. The energy sector generally receives Rs22-24bn in subsidies every month, an amount which is likely to rise to about Rs35bn next month.


The ministry had also asked for 114 million cubic feet daily of natural gas supply for diesel-based electricity plants to make sure that power production costs didn’t exceed limits. These plants would be brought online only if gas is available. The ministry said a monitoring unit had been set up under Power Secretary Nargis Sethi and the chief executives of major distribution firms who would be on hand at the ministry from 2am to check continuous power supply during Sehr and then again, through video links, at Iftar time until the end of Taraveeh prayers.

All distribution firms and the ministry have installed dedicated landlines and mobile numbers at their control centers so that any problem happening can be fixed on a fast-track basis.

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