Dr Shireen Mazari resigns from PTI

Dr Shireen Mazari, the Central V . P of PTI has announced to resign the party. PTI Secretary General, Arif Alvi, told that Shireen was a show-cased for shooting barbs at the party chief, Irman Khan, but instead of a clarification she tendered her resignation not only as the party VP but also member.

However a defiant Dr Shireen, while affirming separating her ways with PTI, said she wasn’t bound to respond to a show-cause notice served upon her. Earlier, Iman Hazir Mazari, the daughter of Shireen Mazari, also left the party after being insulted by her co-workers, especially internet warriors.

In one of her Blogs published on the net she said that she could stand the bashing she was subjected to regardig her work, her attitude towards ex-fellow party people and plenty of other things but one thing she’d put up with for the last 6 months was mistreat and character assassination.

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