Dr. AQ Khan agrees to become patron of PTI

Pakistan nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, accepted offer of PTI chief Imran Khan to become patron of the party. Imran Khan invited Dr. AQ Khan to patronize his political party, which is greatly seen as an rising new force in political spectrum. Imran Khan made the offer during an hour-long one-on-one sitting with the scientist.

The two talked about the issues facing the country in detail and agreed to work jointly to make the country successful. Instead of holding an office, the scientist while talking with the media said he’d render moral support for PTI. Dr. AQ Khan, who’s honored in the country as national hero, asked Imran Khan to come up with a complete plan for the growth and prosperity of the country.

Dr. AQ Khan mentioned that all the political groups had ruined Pakistan and the PTI was a ray of hope, adding that he would provide his support for the PTI if need arose.Dr AQ Khan has been criticizing him for his campaign against Nawaz Sharif and other politicians.

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