Deputy PM Pervaiz Elahi warns PML-N against defaming PTI

PML-Q leader and Deputy PM Pervaiz Elahi has said the PML-N shouldn’t target Imran Khan’s established welfare institution for political gain.

“Targeting a hospital for political vengeance is very deplorable and the greatest moral degradation on part of PML-N,” Pervaiz Elahi said in a statement.

Pervaiz Elahi said the Shaukat Khanum Hospital was a non-political welfare institution where the deserving patients were being treated without charge. He said the PML-N’s claims against the hospital mightn’t be damaging to Imran Khan but would certainly cause irreparable loss to the cancer patients from all over the country.

The deputy prime minister asked the PML-N leadership not to stoop so low. He said bad treatment being meted out to patients and doctors was a sad reflection of their tall claims of “rendering of services to the people,” he said.

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