Deadlock continues between govt, PML-N over caretaker setup

The govt and PML-N on today failed to reach a deal over a clean passage of the 20th Amendment Bill in the NA.

The PPP and the PML – N had agreed late on Tuesday to meet yet again today ahead of the evening’s NA session to reach an agreement over a caretaker set-up for holding the forthcoming general elections.

The reps of the 2 parties held discussions today but failed to finish the deadlock and made a decision to meet again today at 4p.m.The PML-N was requesting to make it constitutionally binding upon the govt to appoint a caretaker set-up with ‘consensus’, instead of ‘consultation’ , with the opposition, for holding the elections.

PPP leader Naveed Qamar has mentioned his concerns that the scenario could get more serious if a consensus wasn’t reached over the issue.

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