Contempt of Court petition submitted against Imran Khan

A contempt of court petition has been submitted in the Supreme Court against PTI chairman Imran Khan. The petition was registered by Naseer Kayani, president of District Bar Islamabad.

Imran Khan

In his application, it was claimed that Imran Khan has been targeting judiciary during his talks and interviews, adding that too much criticism falls under contempt of court. The petitioner also said that Imran Khan had been using severe and derogatory comments against the judges. The petitioner asked for the court to take action against Imran Khan under Article 204 of the constitution.

It’s to be noted that Pakistan’s top court given a contempt of court notice to Imran Khan last year over his derogatory comments against the Judiciary and the judges. He was summoned before the apex court on August 2, 2013. However, later SC dismissed contempt of court notice against him.

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