Chaudhry Nisar rejects Zardari’s suggestion

PML-N leader Chaudhry Nisar has turned down consultation of Deedar Shah as NAB Chairman. Responding to President Zardari mail with mention of the appointment on reappointment of Deedar Hussain Shah as Chairman NAB, Opposition Leader explained, “I regard court’s judgement and government also needs to honour the Supreme Court verdict.

The SC in its March 10 judgement had announced the consultation of Deedar Hussain Shah as chairman NAB against the law. But the federal government went after the path of demonstration as opposed to respecting the court’s verdict.He also described that PPP Sindh part declared strike in the state against the Supreme Court judgement, and in response to this demonstration a number of blameless citizens were murdered and enterprise actions came to stop.

Chaudhry Nisar more mentioned in his mail that strategy of discussion could be started on consultation of chairman NAB after the statement of detailed judgement of Supreme Court. However, the federal government made a decision in haste to reappoint Deedar Hussain Shah as chairman NAB.

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