Bugti announces Rs. 1 billion bounty on Musharraf’s head

Jamhoori Watan Party Head Nawabzada Talal Akbar Bugti has says it’s hoped that Nawaz Sharif would play his part in saving the country and the Punjab. Addressing a media conference at the Bugti House here on yesterday, he says the day of 17 March would be kept in mind for-ever as a black day in the history of Balochistan, as back in ’05 on the day that, the military assaulted the fort of Akbar Bugti on the orders of Gen Musharraf in which he escaped narrowly.

However, some 66 not guilty folks belonging to Bugti tribe and Hindu community were killed in the strike. The undemocrat govt hit the folks with rockets and bullets. ìIt is sad that the dictator, who killed democracy and loyal people, is also referring to giving rights to Balochistan,he said. We admire the freedom of press and never support the ban on it. But press should also feel its duty. If court of justice issues warrants against somebody, he shouldn’t be asked in Tv talk shows, Talal added.

Bugti also enhanced the head-money for killing Pervez Musharraf by announcing 1 billion rupees in cash and agriculture property of Rs 100 million would be given to his killer and if any press person would kill him he would get 100 hector of area in Sanghar in addition to above incentive.He says that present govt gave nothing to the folks of Balochistan except promises and pledges during 4 year period.

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