American Killer Raymond Davis set free

Additional Session Judge has set free United states person Raymond Davis, apparently linked to murdering of 2 Pakistani guys in Lahore.

Rana Sanaullah Provincial law minister has verified the reports that the court set free Raymond Davis, who was charged with killing 2 males in Lahore, after blood cash (Diyat) was paid in agreement with sharia law.

News are coming that the reliatves of the victims receives about 30 Crores as diyat from the United States Administration.

Raymond davis discharge is extremely unexpected and he is on a flight now. The family members of Faizan and faheem will be moved to saudi arabia shortly most likely

More Reports are coming  that about 18 family members of the victims Faizan and Faheem  were present  in the court and confirmed that they want Raymond to be freed and pardoned because they had received “blood money”.



Raymond Davis Set Free News Live Twitter Updates

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