After Six Months, Nawaz Sharif will appear in NA today

PM Nawaz Sharif will appear in National Assembly on today for the 1st occasion in 6 months. Nawaz Sharif, who waited 14 years to enter in the parliament after being ousted by General Pervez Musharraf on October 12, 1999, arrived in National Assembly for just 7 times in as many months.

Nawaz Sharif

PM Nawaz Sharif was facing solid criticism by the opposition parties for his continues absence from the parliament. On January 27, PM Nawaz Sharif presided the meeting of the PML-N’s parliamentary party in Islamabad but missed National Assembly session.

While Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will appear in lower house of parliament for the 8th time today, the upper-house of parliament, Senate, is still waiting to have his 1st glimpse.

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