Up to 30,000 soldiers to be deployed in North Waziristan

Pakistan Army on today started fresh air attacks on North Waziristan region where it has deployed up to 30,000 soldiers in a long-awaited offensive to eliminate Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants from their border stronghold.


The action in North Waziristan was started a week after a brazen insurgent attack on Karachi airport which left many dead and marked the end of a troubled peace process. The offensive was announced on Sunday, shortly after air-attacks killed at least 105 terrorists including insurgents linked to the airport raid, and jets and chopper gunships continued to pound the region over the weekend.

A local security official said fighter airplanes bombed 2 targets west of Miranshah — the major town of North Waziristan — early Monday, killing at least 10 Uzbek militants.

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