16 hour load-shedding made the life worst in Punjab

Load-sheddingAs the short fall between demand and supply raised to 5000 MW on Sunday, the Pepco began unscheduled 16 hrs daily load-shedding in the cities and 17-18 hrs in the non-urban areas. Pepco sources told that power generation has dropped to 8,000 MW against the need for 1300 MW country wide.

The hydel power units at Tarbela, Mangla, Ghazi Barotha etc are giving 4,500MW electricity but thermal powerhouses have brought down their ability generation to 3,500 MW. The electric power distribution companies including Lesco are meeting the shortfall by prolonged load-shedding in their own service locations. Sources said that the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) have decreased their production to 3,500MW from their ability of over 10000MW because of non- payment of their costs in billions of rupees.

Sources in Wapda explained that Irsa is discharging 60,000 cusecs water from the Tarbela dam and 35,000 cusecs from the Mangla dam to generate maximum 4,500MW hydel electrical power in winter as the govt was dealing with the serious issue of circular debt with regard to payment to IPPs.

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