Sony Ericsson LiveView out now in the British

In September, Sony Ericsson introduced a cool fresh accessory for Android phones called the LiveView. It allows you to connect your phone via Bluetooth and display the info on it’s 1.3 inch color OLED display. This device is compatible with Sony Ericsson Xperia phones and choose Android phones.

Sony Ericsson LiveView is available for sale in Europe, but the prices seem to vary from country to country. Checkout the price of this device in different countries below.

* UK: £55.99 (approx. $90)
* Germany: €42 (approx. $57)
* France: €59 (approx. $80)

Sony Ericsson LiveView is compatible with:

* Acer: Liquid Metal
* Dell: Streak
* Google: Nexus One
* HTC: Desire, Desire HD, Desire Z, Gratia, HD mini, Legend, Wildfire
* Motorola: DEFY, Flipout, Milestone, XT720
* Samsung: Galaxy Europa I5500, Galaxy S I9000, i5500 Corby
* Sony Ericsson: X10, XPERIA X10 Mini, XPERIA X10 Mini Pro

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