Samsung to release Google Nexus Two

Several days back, we mentioned that Samsung is holding an event in New York on November 8th, where Samsung will announce a fresh Android powered device. We did not have any information on the device, but now rumors are on the street that Samsung will mention the Nexus Two with Google on November 8th, kinda strange, huh? Google released the Nexus One with HTC, and there is no doubt in it that Nexus One is one of the best Android devices.

We all know that Gingerbread is around the corner, and Google branded phones are always first to receive it, just like we know that the first device to receive Eclair and Froyo was the Nexus One, and now it’s rumored that Google will announce the Nexus Two, as the first device to run the new Gingerbread, that make sense.

Well a couple of months back, Google said that there will be no Nexus Two, may be they need to keep it as a secret. Samsung really make some good devices, and Samsung Galaxy S is a great example. So if the rumor is correct, then I am sure that we are going to see a pretty awesome device by Samsung and Google. May be the Samsung Galaxy S2 will be known as Nexus Two, it could be possible.

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