First Look At Malavita

Malavita is an upcoming 2013 French movie directed by Luc Besson, starring Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones, and Dianna Agron.It is based on the novel Malavita by Tonino Benacquista. This will be released by Relativity Media on October 18, 2013.

USA | France


Release Date
18 October 2013 (USA)

Crime | Drama | Thriller

Directed By
Luc Besson

Writing credits
Luc Besson
Tonino Benacquista

Produced by
Jason Beckman
Luc Besson
Jason Colodne
Martin Scorsese
Virginie Silla 

Robert De Niro
Tommy Lee Jones
Michelle Pfeiffer
Dianna Agron
Dominic Chianese
Ricardo Cordero
Gino Cafarelli
Domenick Lombardozzi
Vincent Pastore
David Belle
Joseph Perrino
Greg Antonacci
And Other…

Sound Department
Michael Barosky
Vivien Mergot
Bret Scheinfeld
Ken Yasumoto

Editorial Department
Jerome Brechet
Marjolaine Mispelaere

Production Design By
Hugues Tissandier

Costume Design by
Aude Bronson-Howard
Olivier Bériot

Casting by
Amanda Mackey Johnson
Nathalie Cheron

Music Department
Alexandre Mahout

David Belle
Mike Burke
Jay Carrado
Laurent Demianoff
Roy Farfel
Jérôme Gaspard
David Genty

Cinematography by
Thierry Arbogast

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