Waqar Younis resigned due to fallout with PCB chief: report

Bad health may not be the cause for Waqar Younis stepping down as cricket coach as rumours is rife that his exit was the outcome of a fallout with ex- PCB chairman Ejaz Butt. Although the ex – Test skipper says he was resigning for private and health issues, there’re now press reports rising that probably Waqar might have also rubbed Ijaz Butt the wrong approach.

Press reports say that Waqar Younis made a decision to step down after being snubbed by Ijaz Butt over the matter of the role of the coach in selection issues.”The rumors are that Waqar desired the PCB to provide a clear cut plan on the part of the coach in selection issues and he clearly needed more say in this kind of issues. At one time he told several board officials who were near to the outgoing Chairman that if he (Waqar) didn`t get strengths he’d rather step down as coach,” a report says.

Reportedly after Waqar`s words were conveyed to Ijaz Butt, the ex- board Chairman lost his cool and delivered a note to him that if he wasn’t satisfied with his position and he should step down instantly.”It was after the snub from the board chief that Waqar Younis made a decision to resign coming up with the story that he had individual and health issues to do this. But the situations major to his resignation tell a different story,” another report says.

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