Umar Gul says he saw James Anderson tamper with ball

Pakistan fast bowler Umar Gul is set to kick up a storm as he has said that he witnessed English quick bowler James Anderson tamper with the ball a year ago during a Test match. Umar Gul, who’s tipped to make a comeback to the national team for the coming sequence against Sri Lanka, said ball-tampering wasn’t new in international cricket and it was being done through lawful and unlawful techniques by several bowlers and sides.

“I saw Anderson do it a year ago when we went to England. Then in the Ashes series Stuart Broad was seen roughing up the ball with his footwear. All these techniques are part and parcel of the game to get reverse swing with the old ball,” Gul says. “Most of the bowlers tamper with the ball in international cricket,” he added. Gul’s remarks that are going to start a fresh discussion came when journalists told him about the comments made by Shoaib Akhtar in his debatable autobiography currently launched in India.

Umar Gul says if Shoaib was indicating he tampered with the ball he must have done it. “I can’t point out much on that but yes several bowlers do it. When you utilize finger nails to damage the ball it is unlawful but when the fielders keep on throwing the ball on hard and dry pitches or the ball hits the marketing boards, it’s not unlawful,” he says.

Umar Gul says whether the ball was roughed up lawfully or unlawfully it remained an art to get reverse swing with it. Getting reverse swing is an art and must be identified as one.”

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