TV ratings for IPL season 5 continue to fall

The drumbeating and promotion blitz by the IPL organisers and broadcasters haven’t looked to work, at least so far in the 5th edition of the tournament. The ratings for the T20 extravaganza, broadcasted by Set Max, have dropped yet again.

After 27 matches, IPL season 5 Television ratings have increased to an average of 4.0 TVR (15+, CS, ABC) which is still 5 % lower than a year ago. Among 4+ yrs viewers across all-India, the average remains 3.53 TVR against 3.88 in the last time.While IPL 1 remains the most viewed season after 27 matches among CS 4+ viewers with 4.80 TVR, IPL 2 had fetched an average of 4.29 TVR after 25 games. Then there’s a massive jump in IPL 3 which averaged 4.75 TVR after 27 games but the ratings for IPL 4 slipped significantly to 3.88 TVR after 26 matches.

The cumulative reach after 27 matches for IPL 5 has also risen to 137.2 million among CS 4+, ABC TG) across all-India. The cumulative reach is much greater than the levels reached in IPL 1 and IPL 2 but lower than IPL 3 and IPL 4. IPL 1 had recorded 89.5 million audiences for 27 matches while IPL 2 had a cumulative reach of 106.4 million after 25 games.

IPL 3 had reached 143.2 million tv audiences after 27 matches but IPL 4 managed to reach 140.2 million.

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