Tuffey called as Bennett substitute in World Cup squad

Hamish BennettBlack Caps quickly bowler Hamish Bennett happens to be ruled of the ICC WC 2011 with an ankle problem and is going to be substituted by Tuffey, the ICC reported on last night.

Hamish Bennett struggled a personal injury to his left foot and Achilles muscle while bowling at the time of NZ’s big loss to group match against Sri Lanka in Mumbai.

Hamish Bennett, making the very first hurt based substitute for the NZ, limped off the arena after spraining his left foot during his ball running. Pace bowler Hamish Bennett had 2 incorrect begins just before he bowled the very first delivery of the 31st over and finished up landing unclearly on his left foot in his follow through.

Pace bowler  Dary Tuffey, was previously told to be part of the group as an damage cover for Mills but will now be utilized as a substitute for Hamish Bennett.

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