Team India becomes white elephant for BCCI

The key sponsor of BCCI Sahara India claimed that no company was wanting to shell out over 50-60 % of the current worth of the sponsorship of the Indian cricket team.

Sahara, which has mentioned it was pulling out of Indian team sponsorship over the way it’s been treated by the BCCI, says that its chairman Subrata Roy sounded other corporates to see if any person could fully or partially sponsor Team India.

To his big surprise, none was ready to pay over fifty percent of what Sahara was paying now, Sahara claimed in a statement. “In the last 3-4 days, Subrata Roy and his team talked about the choice of assigning full or partial support with a few corporates. This was done because Sahara has committed to carry on to assistance the Team Sponsorship for 2-4 months till a fresh sponsor is on board.

“We were extremely shocked to see that though they’re interested in the chance, yet (they) weren’t happy to pay over 50-60 % of the present value,” Sahara mentioned.

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