Sachin Tendulkar exposes his anti-pressure techniques to kids

Sachin Tendulkar2 decades of experience playing cricket has taught Sachin Tendulkar to not give in to stress and play to individual strenths. Talking to kids on Sunday, Tendulkar says that the mind aspect of the sport is as crucial as having the correct tactic. “Right from my school days, me and my brother made a decision that we aren’t going to open newspapers. I’m not going to study what is published about me and I continue doing that,” he says.

Telling young palyers to think only about aspects of the sport that will support them perform much better, Tendulkar says that those who desire to assistance will assistance in person. “I faith the judgment of a several folks in my life and I speak to them before taking judgements,” he says adding that buckling pressurized has a lot to do with bothering about the past or the future than playing in today’s.

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