Sachin has made subcontinent proud: Miandad

Ex- Pakistan leader Javed Miandad reckons that Sachin Tendular has made the entire subcontinent proud by reaching the feat of becoming the initial batsman to make a hundred of hundreds.

Sachin made his hundredth hundred in international cricket during India’s Asia Cup game against Bangladesh on yesterday.

“This special distinction has made the entire of the Indian subcontinent proud,” Miandad says. “ This kind of records aren’t easy to achieve. They require willpower, a great deal of dedication, stamina and enthusiasm.”

Miandad said that Sachin has always been extremely respectful towards him. “Sachin always respected me and sought my suggestions even when I was Pakistan coach during India’s trip here,” he says. Miandad added that Sachin was able to reach the record simply because of assistance of the BCCI.

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