Rehman Malik warns Pak players not to indulge in match-fixing

In advance of their vital ICC WC semi-final versus India, Pak players have been informed not to engage in any kind of match fixing by Interior Minister Abdul Rehman Malik who says he was keeping a very close look on their measures.

“I sent a reminder that there should be absolutely no match fixing. I am retaining a close look. If any kind of such issue develops, we’re going to take steps,” Interior Minister mentioned a couple of days ahead of the match in Mohali that will display one of the world’s best strong gaming rivalries.

Interior Minister says that though he was “sure the squad has pretty nice and clean people”, intelligence is being collected on the Pakistani players, particularly “who are gathering them and the standing of their telephones”.

“This is vital because we can’t take a risk after what occured in England,” he explained, in a reference to a present match-fixing debate in Great britain including 3 Pak players.

Interior Minister, who made the comments during an discussion with the press in Karachi, also had several suggestions for the Pak players. “Do your training, sleeping early at evenings and awaken at the correct period. They must invest themselves to Pakistan for the game,” he explained.

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