Records Broken: More Than 162 Million Cricket Viewers

The continuing 10th version of the particular International Cricket Council Cricket World Cup appears to have addicted people of the sports activities. The initially 40 very interesting matches of the tournament received record 162 million spectators, comparatively greater than the cumulative viewer ship numbers recorded for any other Cricket tournament

In accordance to an information through TAM, a television viewers statistic organization, up to 161.9 million viewers have viewed the primary 40 matches of the ICC World Cup 2011, The following details has been noted down in satellite and cable homes for TV audiences aged higher than 4 in city as well as semi-urban zones.

Collective figures or viewers for the 2011 format of the ICC championship are 48 % excessive as in comparison with the 109.5 million watchers noted down at the conclusion of the starting 40 Cricket fights in the Cricket World Cup.

Surprisingly, the live internet streaming of Cricket World Cup 2011 matches at the broadcaster of an recognized web page has gotten 55 million suggestions throughout the globe. The particular Internet site has dished up 30,00000 visual streams to 17 million visitors.

Pakistan VS India Cricket

The upcoming 2nd semi final of Cricket World Cup 2011 will be played between the two most favorite opponent teams, Pakistan VS India, Most probably will watched bay 200 Millions viewers excluding the millions of the crowd watching them in the Cricket Stadium in India. In accordance to a report the tickets of PAK VS IND match sold in black. And a large number of cricket lovers are purchasing it in more than its actual price.

Some Stills from Pakistan VS India Cricket Match

All the matches will be played  throughout India, Bangladesh along with Sri Lanka within this 10th version of the Cricket World Cup 2011, which came back towards the subcontinent right after 15 years. The ICC World Cup event started on 19 Feb. & ICC Cricket World Cup will finishes on  April 2, 2011.


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