Rahul Dravid retires, his son starts playing

It was a great occasion for Rahul Dravid, the cricketing legend to see his 7 year-old son Samit wield the bat at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium on Friday after bidding adieu to International cricket, which also received him the title ‘The Wall’.

While the legend settled down for lunch with his wife and mother and father, his son Samit chose to bat while his younger brother Anvay viewed a staff of Karnataka State Cricket Association bowl on a bright afternoon. It took some time for journalists and others to see the kid bat, but the moment video graphers and photo graphers moved towards the western stands, it received attention. Supporters who had come to see the historic event, we forced to see Samit batting from outside as the security officers kept them off the ground.

“It`s heartening to watch such a young lad hold a bat and hit the ball straight. I’m shocked to learn he’s Rahul Dravid`s son. What a coincidence! Dravid jr . batting where his dad trained and played for the country over the yrs,” a fan told a news agency.

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