Poonam Pandey Will Go Bare If India Gets The Cup

Poonam Pandey Will Go Bare For India

Poonam Pandey one of a kingfisher Indian model just announced to go bare if India wins the World Cup 2011. She become the most tweeted and searched person across the web on 30th march, 2011 just on the day of Semi final between India and Pakistan.

Poonam Pandey is now being searched so highly by the internet users not only in India but all over the world.  Most of the people are saying that she is just playing a publicity stunt. Poonam just rejected this by saying that I am just supporting Team India by doing this. Poonam Pandey call her self a die hard fan of Indian Cricket Team. She showed her wish to meet all the Indian Cricket Squad and wants to get nude in front of them in the dressing room.

Now the question is that will Poonam Pandey really keep her promise. Its just a wait of four days for the World Cup 2011 Final. India have better chances to win this tournament and same chances for Poonam Pandey to go Bare. It’s the same kind of promise once kept by a Paraguay Models who removed her cloths after a Fifa World Cup Match even Paraguay lost the match.

Poonam Pandey Hots Pictures


So wish Poonam Pandey best of luck for her cause as if she get bare, India will be the Champion.

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