PCB struggling to sell Television rights for Australia and New Zealand series

The PCB is facing issues in selling the TV rights of its coming ‘home’ series against Australia and New Zealand in the UAE for a good amount.


A reliable source in the PCB, aware of the developments, told PTI that while the PCB had kept a reserve base price between $ 7.5 to 8 million for both series, it hadn’t received a single bid even near to the reserve price. “The PCB until now has got just one broadcaster interested in buying television rights of both series but he has offered just around USD 5.5 million which is well below the reserve price set by the board,” the source claimed.

“The PCB is presently negotiating with the broadcaster based in Dubai but is also trying to encourage other broadcasters to also submit their bids for the twin series,” he said. The source claimed that a broadcaster based in India had also shown interest but didn’t follow up with the board.

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