Pakistan VS India Cricket World Cup Semi Final 2011

PAKISTAN VS INDIAIndia qualifies for 2nd semi-finals of the ICC cricket world cup 2011 to come across Pakistan by whipping world champs Australia. The 2nd semi final, that is slated on 30th of March 2011, is just one of the most anticipated & curious day for everyone in sub-continent.

After 2 days game happens and the moments are freeze upon us. To a maximum of I am thrilled, this is really making me embarrassed. The craze is by the air. Pakistan VS India is all over on the social networks websites news feeds. 78 hours just before this story will begin, which is trending around the globe.

Pakistan cricket team captain Shahid Khan Afridi stated that his players was not surprised from the possibility of playing with India, to whom Pakistan have never defeated in the ICC WC, in the semi final in Mohali, India, If we occur to play with India, we would not deficiency crowd supporting because Pakistani cricket lovers will arrive from across the national boundaries to enjoy the match in Mohali Cricket stadium.

Watch Live Streaming of Pakistan vs India Semi Final at Mohali

Pakistan VS India Cricket History In ICC World Cup:

Pakistan hasn’t ever crushed India team a single match out of 4 matches within the history of Cricket World Championship but does India beaten Pakistan one single game at Mohali? The historical past shall return but which one?

Stills from Pakistan VS India Cricket Match


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Are you  ready for Pakistan VS India cricket Match

Are you going to think of an extraordinary excuse to dump school, college or work this particular day? Or will you just express Pakistan VS India yahoo!!

Which team dominates in this outstanding game?


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  • amer habib

    pakistan won the match by the grace of ALLAH.

  • Johnson

    The Indian Cricket Team played very well in the indian vs pakistan semi final.
    there was a good game for spectators of cricket.