Pakistan slip to 6th place in ICC Twenty20 rankings

After winning World Twenty20 final, West Indies jumped to 2nd place of the ICC T20 ranking. As per the details, West Indies played 16 games got 1,450 points. Sri Lanka remained top on the list and received 1524 points.

Pakistan is on Sixth on the list. It’s important to mention that Pakistan was on Third spot before the ICC World T20 final. The Indian team’s disastrous World T20 campaign moved it to 3rd spot in the ICC T20 rankings while this year’s champion West Indies improved 5 places to get the 2nd place.

India, ousted at the Super 8 phase, is a point behind the Caribbeans at 120 in the rankings which continue to be led by this year’s World Twenty20 runners-up Sri Lanka, the ICC pointed out in a statement.

England and South Africa are 4th, 5th on the list.

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