Indian skipper MS Dhoni lashes out at Brett Lee

India skipper MS Dhoni has criticised the 2 run-out judgments that went against the team during the 10th game of the tri-series vs Australia here Sunday, involving Sachin and David Hussey.  ‘It was unjustified for Sachin because he had to take an extra yard to run. I feel Billy (Bowden) should’ve explained something because he was in a much better angle to view where exactly the bowler was and where he stopped. It’s very hard for Simon Taufel to take a call because he wouldn’t find out which position the batsman was running and where Brett Lee actually stopped,’ he said.

On Hussey’s judgement, MS Dhoni believed he was lucky to be let off the hook and related the incident to Inzamam-ul-Haq’s dismissal in Peshawar in 2006. ‘I was involved in a different run out in Pakistan, where Inzi bhai protected something that was right at his face, and he was given out. In this case David was definitely fortunate. I believe he should’ve been given out, but it’s not in my hand.’He compared Hussey’s action with the handball in soccer.

‘In his judgement he (Hussey) was defending himself, but his hand was too far ahead. Similar to an example, a football incident where your hands are popping out and it hits your hand, you get a penalty irrespective of what is occurring. So that is why I explained, in basic terms, it is actually out.’

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